Word of the Day – de rigueur (poem)

This was actually yesterday’s…

de rigueur lifestyle
Missing the intangibles
No inner beauty


Turning #writephoto

Summer turns to fall

Crisp yellows and reds fall on

Paths turning cold with

Shorter days snow capped hills

On the brisk heels of autumn


For Sue’s weekly prompt.


Summer #writephoto

dawn in the meadow

running my fingers

through a plethora of white

only break in silence the

wind in enchanted petals

Written for Sue Vincent’s Thursday #writephoto prompt.


The Path #writephoto

Wrote this for Sue’s Photo Prompt!


Shel said that only the children know

Where the sidewalk ends

I have been to end of the sidewalk

And back again

And back to the end

I step off the end

Weave through paved roads

Dodge traffic

To the off-beaten places

In my adulthood

The mystery

The quest for magic

Extends beyond the sidewalk

To the unseen end of an old path