Word of the Day – Derring-do

From two days ago

Dispense with the suave talk
I don’t want honey-laden words
Your shifty sweetness makes me vomit
Cut the manly man derring-do
I see through the macho facade
That don’t impress me much
Don’t send me flowers and expensive things
I’ve no desire to be blinded by diamonds
They don’t keep me from seeing your fifty shades of fear
Try being you
Who knows
I just might like you
Or not

Does it matter?


Word of the Day – Palmary

Yesterday’s word… I’ve been behind

No abundance of riches
No palmary achievements
No Coca-Cola frame
No pretty face
No astounding past
No aspiring future
No light in my eyes
No spark in my smile
No special qualities
Just oddities and idiosyncrasies
I am only me
I hope that is ok


Word of the Day – Boustrophedon

Left to right
Right to left
Trying to decipher your boustrophedon
Reading between the lines
Still no luck
Stop forcing your directionless existence on me
Man up and say what you mean
I just want to know
If you love me
Or not


Word of the Day – Umbrage

I tried to tell you
Don’t take umbrage with the truth
This has been broken

A day late on this one! This was yesterday’s word.


Word of the Day – Mordant

Wicked wretch
Caustic creature
Mordant miscreant
Vile villainous vagrant
Inauthentic idiot
Spurious superfluous shit
Puny pompous presumptuous prick
Deceitful disingenuous dastard

You’re blocking my sunlight


Word of the Day – Gridiron

Intersecting mazes
A gridiron of barriers
Speak my name
Let the wind carry it
So I can find the path
To the end of this dream
The way to you
So I can wake up
And get lost again
Watching you sleep


Word of the Day – Sinew

This was yesterday’s. Didn’t get it out in time.

You were my defender
My sinew, my strength
My shield against peril
Dare I call you a knight in shining armor?
No, that’s so cliche
Despite your momentary protection
Nothing about you was shining
Beset with gore and scars of war
I had long since exposed myself to you
Never questioned your allegiance
I didn’t realize you had turned on me
That you’d grown tired of fighting for us
You took your sword to my heart
I am slain
One more casualty of your inner battle


Word of the Day – Connive

I have been conniving against myself
Walking a winding path to my own doom
I take razors to my wrists just to watch myself bleed
Do nothing to stop it then cry at the loss of my essence
I see my own apocalypse in the distance like an emerald city lit ablaze
Yet, I keep skipping towards it
On my feet are ruby red slippers in which I see no beauty or value
Nor do I see my own
I trudge forward, making friends with lions and tigers and bears
Oh my!
I’ve entered the Mirkwood forest and I walk sideways and backwards so I can stay lost
I capitalize on this self-inflicted sabatoge and wallow in my own pain looking for pity
I’m too afraid to believe that I’m worthy of anything else
But, somewhere, someone I cannot see is waiting for me
I could find him and myself if I would get out of my own way
I turn my back on the emerald city
Goodbye yellow brick road


Word of the Day – Verbose

Do not fill mine ears
With verbose apologies
Hackneyed excuses
I won’t let your late regrets
Encumber my happiness


Word of the Day – Lycanthropy

I would seek out the witch
That cursed you with lycanthropy
Put you in sheep’s clothing
And set you in my path
As I wove my way through love’s forest
I would ask her for a spell to mend my heart
That bleeds red against the moonlight
That exposed your true form