Dear butterfly

Dear butterfly
I beg of you
Please #pass me by

Don’t land on my shoulder
Don’t kiss my nose
Don’t even whisper in my ear
As you breeze by

Don’t let me see you
Don’t let my eyes turn kaleidoscope
At your brilliance
Or blind

Little butterfly
Keep your chaos to yourself

Don’t force me to strip you of your wings
As you set mine aflame



I let you into this heart
This body
Let you caress this skin
Let you under it
I made it personal
Gave you free reign over this temple
Wandering eyes became intense gazes
Wandering fingers became pleasure
You presume I’m ok without you
That the world goes on without you




All you are lingers on the palette
Your flavor is unique
As much as I may want to
How can lips touch aught else?

One last time
Let your juices run down my chin
Let me taste you again


Slowly migrating the poetry to Twitter… FYI