Love and Robots

Once envied
Now, forgotten
Paradise, lost
You move within me
I moan in time
Yet, in our gaze, nothing
I turn from you
The garish light
Complete the deed
Sated, but dissatisfied
Robots, we’ve become
Algorithms executed methodically
Love in code
Therefore, nonexistent
Not yet self-aware
The moment you cease
To see ones and zeros
See me
Not logical


Ill-timed Serendipity

Stepping in from the rain
Into a sad café
Cold, wet, uncaring

‘Til I catch a you in the periphery
Feel your presence
Instantaneous knowing

Salacious vibes caress me
Climb up my arms to my neck
Blood beats in my ears
Lascivious fantasies brew

A glance from you
Lust starts
A serendipitous encounter
Microseconds that feel like a lifetime

I feel secure in this moment
Perhaps I’ve always known you
Just maybe, you want to know me

Amidst the reverie
An impersonal ma’am summoned
I’m next in line

Time for coffee
Not dreams


White Iris

Shards of my heart dissipate into dust and blow away on the wind

Who will pierce this hard exterior, perfectly sculpted stone, carved by charms and lies?

A beautifully posed work of art, unmoving, loneliness captured

The white iris longing to be held



The empath sees beyond the faux facade of practice

The slightest touch reveals my broken body, my shredded soul, my irreparable heart

Yet, there’s peace in your smile, music in your laugh, a twinkle in your eye

Perhaps some hope can grow in the same place it once died



Tenuous at first, but our attraction has become a burning flame

Quell my rampant rage with a soft touch

Replace my yearning ache with a memorable, sore one

I still feel your bite and burn inside of me

Oh, how you quench my thirst
My life giver



Walk my black beaches
Cup my plump peaches
Handle me like a delicate flower

At first

Caress my soft skin
Indulge in our sin
Fuck me like there’s no tomorrow

But then

You look at me caught, a red-handed deer
I cradle you close, need you near

Want me, too…



Leaves underfoot

The sound of their final death is comforting to my aching soul

Vibrant colors symbolic of Autumn’s end like a fairy tale love never meant to last

Already I feel Winter’s frost cooling my heart; I’m fading away

I trudge on to no destination
Talking to shadows



Transfixed by your candescent being glowing in sunlight

An ethereal dream I’m trying to grasp wisps of

Dare I approach you, interrupt my lustful reverie?

My body advocates a brazen disregard for protocol

A touch
Just the tip

Your cadence is the final seduction




In the glow of your charismatic grace, I feel prosaic
Lackluster and ordinary
Not so special

You smile at me

Around these other women, I feel homely
Unpretty and plain
Not so lovely

You see me behind them

Damned by my own doubt
Encouraged by your furtive, shy glances

Will I will my lips to move beyond a stoic purse and speak the poetry I’ve already written for you in my heart?

Will I take your hand, lead you to my bed, so that I might know you and you me?

Will I lead you to my glistening depths, let you fill me, so we both know ecstasy?

Or will we let these maybe moments linger on the air between us while we drown in monotony, pretending we don’t see each other?

Meet me in the middle


The Start of Desire

A smile
A knowing look
Lust awakened
Twirl my finger
In a lock of your hair
Guide you to me
Feel your rock hard exterior
Knees weaken
Flesh warms
Put your finger there
Can you feel me?
I’m ready
Our bodies
Flow together like water
A never ending stream
A never ending night