I thought I had mastered opacity
To you, I was transparent
A sheer curtain begging to be pulled back
So, I let you see me
Opened mind, heart, legs
You took my secrets
And left



The thought of you
Sends my emotions aflutter
Your push and pull are equally strong
I’m frenzied, flustered
I want to watch
The blood rush to your head
As I squeeze it with my thighs
You bring me pleasure
Until I nearly break you
When I wrap my fingers
Around your throat
I think to strangle you
Until I feel you inside
How deep do I bite?
Lost somewhere between the anticipation
Of climax and death
The frequency of your movement
Resonates amongst my nerves
Bringing me to the brink
I don’t know whether to claw out your eyes
Or mine
Love you blind


Lint, Part 2

Have to keep the walls up
Have to remember it’s not real
It won’t be love
It’s barely like
We’re temporary friends
Passing in the night
Until the dark obscures us
From each other’s sights and minds
You’ll think of me when the lint rises
From seldom used places
Forget again



Lilies of the valley
Can you smell the scent of them
Coming from between my thighs?
There’s a lush garden here
Begging to be deflowered


Fugitive Heart

Woke to sheets stained red
Ribs cracked open
My heart had punched its way out
Said, “I ain’t doin’ this no more.”
Flipped me the bird as I slept
She didn’t make it far without me
I’m looking at her half-dead form
Silently thanking her
For freeing me of feeling

Now I can glide through life
With a smile and stoic stare
No one will be the wiser


Another rainy Florida night

Do you see me?
Standing a few feet away
In the downpour
My clothes cling to every curve
You see these thick thighs
Parted lips
Succulent hips
Breasts rising and falling
Cold, but warm
Begging to be held
When the rain stops
Tears no longer hidden
Will you stay?


At the bar, part…

Sometimes, I think
What’s in my glass
Is my only friend
It soothes
It listens
But, offers no words in return
When I’m numb
I strip to my bare skin
Raise my arms
Spread my thighs
Turn my head
Open my mouth
The words spill out of me
Along with all that comes
With thoughts of you


Bring back the color

Full of color once
Now shades of gray
Will you bring back the yellow?
Fill my heart with red?
Make me wet
With the penetrating stare
From the blue of your eye?
Press my chocolate brown against your milky white
Open my eyes with your touch
Remind me that life is beautiful


In Real Life

In my dreams

I tried to be beautiful for you

Be elegant

Even in my sleep, I failed


Dear Sofa

I spend so much time here
My sofa
You know me
You’ve known my naked body
My wetness
You knew him
When he loved me
When he pretended
You always knew the truth
Kept silent
Embraced me
Embraced us
Everyone of us
Every love
Every one that I joined with
You hold the memories of them all
Locked in your fabric
Are you friend
Or accomplice?
I care not
You’re still holding me
After the limbs of others
Have disengaged
It’s just me

Shhh… The TV is watching