The solitary woman plays solitaire
On the weathered foldout table
She keeps where she can watch the sunset
Draw three?
Draw one?
Withered hands on automatic
Move the cards
Reset the deck
Over and over
To find that card, this card
A card she needs to move forward
Peripherally, she sees children laughing
Lovers kissing
People living
There is the man that used to love her
She drew one
He has found another woman
Another deck
She resets her deck again
Jokers with wide, acidic smiles
Spectators in this game
Gaze knowingly
Ha, ha, ha
The hilarity of it all hits her
The futility of it all breaks her
This is absurd
This joke has no punchline
She laughs until she cries
She has dealt herself a safe hand
An unwinnable hand
No time to reset
Ha, ha, ha



You want him to come back

You want him to get down on his knees and beg for forgiveness for his sins against you and God

So you can either dismiss him forever or take him back in your arms

So you can either spit in his face or make passionate love or both

You hate him then you love him

You want him then you want to kill him

He’s two faced and you’re torn

He’s the villian who gets off on tormenting you because you’re just too much fun

You’re the would-be hero trying to hold onto moral fibers that are slowly rend apart by insanity

Is the short-lived fairytale worth your mind?


Word of the Day – Superjacent

The throes of passion
You, superjacent to me
Me, in love with you


The Dark Side

The shadows are calling me

Feeding on my blood

Like venom coursing through me

Like poison I can’t stop

It’s enveloping me

I’m fighting but it’s a losing battle

I hear the Emperor’s pleas

To succumb to my fear and hate

To join the dark side

I’m falling into a deep chasm

I can’t see where it ends

As I give in to the bile in my soul

I see the light above me grow smaller

Slip further away from my fingers

I close my eyes and acquiesce

I am darkness personified

I am hell



I wish I could put

to paper all my thoughts and
feelings about you
how you left me dark like a
perpetual setting sun

In response to Colleen Chesebro’s Weekly Tanka Tuesday Poetry Challenge.