I think…

Hey y’all… I’m still alive

I think
That I finally don’t love you
I think
That you don’t permeate me
My thoughts and feelings
I think
That I finally don’t miss you
You are now a memory
In the cobwebs of my mind
Not an ever present source of regret
In the confines of my heart
No, not regret exactly
For a life without knowing you
Without the ecstasy you bring
Without the arch in my back
From your touch in the right spot
Would’ve been a life lacking
I think
That I know who I am without you
I think I know who I could be

I think I finally don’t love you
I think


Carnivorous – Poem

You carnivorous fiend
There’s a vociferous light in your eyes
You look like a rabid dog
Foaming at the mouth
Longing for the taste of me on your tongue
Take my flesh in between your teeth and bite down
The sensation is painful yet tantalizing
You awake the desire in me and I want more


Still in Love

I’m still in love with you
I hate to admit it, but it’s true
I don’t understand it
Stole my heart like a bandit
I didn’t even realize it had happened

I wish I could forget you
Move on with my life without more ado
In my dreams, I see your face
In my thoughts, you keep pace
Sometimes, I wish we had never met

I wish I could hate you
Your memory with horridness, I’d imbue
But you’re smile was so kind
You stay on my mind
You have me chained to your ambiance

I should’ve stayed, I can’t lie
I shouldn’t have said goodbye
I despised the gifts of fate
Now, it’s too late
You’re gone from me and I hate myself

I’m still in love with you
I hate to admit it, but it’s true
I swear I’ll never quit
I’ll continue to live with it
It’s a joy and a burden I choose to carry


I’m trying rhyming tonight, but I don’t know if I like it 🙂



I’m remembering your touch on my skin
‘Twas rough, but you knew I liked it that way
I’m remembering your kiss on my lips
When over I would have nothing to say

You leave me speechless and wanting, longing
There is no one else who does what you do
Baby, you made me shake, made me quiver
Now all I’m needing, all I want, is you

I let you go, though, because it seemed right
The loss of your aura has me a mess
I miss your spirit and your energy
I may have been wrong, I sorely confess

Nothing for it now, you’ve found another
I stay alone, for me, there’s no other


Word of the Day – Occident

You’re two-faced and lost

Black and White with the Gray overcast of a self-tortured, uncomplicated soul

Occident and Orient, never know which way you’re coming or going but always on the directionless move

Stand still for a second, bring the two opposing halves of yourself together and get to know your ass from your elbow

Stop for a minute, quit rending yourself in two with idiocy and immaturity, renting your life to the Devil

Listen for a moment, the sound of yourself torn asunder is grating, but the sound of you smooth and whole, oh, how beautiful that could be

Pick up the pieces of yourself that have shattered against walls, hardheadedness and hardheartedness

Put yourself together into a cohesive work of art, motionless for a time, emotionally stable, ready to move when the path shows itself

Then you can walk with the whole of yourself in deity-like glory down the yellow brick road with Autumn leaves falling around you landing to bask in your golden aura


Word of the Day – Scintillate

Our first time alone
My body scintillating
Pleasure abounding


Word of the Day – Gloaming

Your hand on the small of my back as we walk down white sand beaches has me aquiver

My insides are ablaze with longing

I desire to run my fingers through your hair feel every taut muscle under bronzed skin

I’ve succumbed to your spell; I’m poisoned by you, but I want no antidote and if I must die it would be bliss to be taken by you

I am yours; how do you want me?

You look into my eyes and I see in yours the ferocity I feel

Take my hand, take me now, take my here under the palm trees with the sun glistening on the sand to the music of the waves crashing in the background with our toes just barely in the surf

We make love furiously with all the passion either of us can muster living vicariously through each other

Exploring, roaming, touching, tasting until the gloaming is upon us and we simultaneously burst from within, I’m shaking from the synergy and synchrony

Then, spent, we lie entwined watching the stars come out

I’m comforted beginning in your arms listening to the slow breathing of your slumber knowing you’ll be here when I wake

I could wonder why everyday isn’t this perfect

Instead I bask, revel in the glory of the moment


Poetry, Random

Awake, Part 21/Sandman

I dreamed I was robbed along with a group of people. Everyone was very casual about it. I had the most go lose as I had two large checks in my wallet. In the dream, it’s acknowledged that I never do such things. No one cares. I can’t get through to the police. I can’t get through to the bank. My friends and family think it’s funny and my own fault. Even the robber follows me laughing. Dear subconscious, what was your endgame with this one? I finally managed to wake myself up. Now, I’m anxious and agitated.


Mr. Sandman, I beg you
Stop bringing me dreams
They tear my mind asunder
Rip my heart out at the seams

Please, Mr. Sandman
Don’t sing me a song
Your lyrics grate on my ears
Keep me awake all night long

Mr. Sandman, I implore you
Turn off that magic beam
The light blinds and binds me
With wicked thoughts I teem

I wish you’d go Sandman,
But if you must stay
Let me dream of the dark of night
Then, maybe, I won’t wish you away

Mr. Sandman, dearest
It’s not you; it’s me
Until my addled mind settles
I ask you, love, to just let me be


Word of the Day – Peripeteia

This perpetual circle of life
Stalks me like a predator
Provokes me daily
Fills me with piss and vinegar
And the bile of broken promises
Where is my protagonist, my advocate?
I’m lodged in pessimism
Parked on a bridge
Wondering why I prolong this agony
Perhaps it is my negative perception
Positively not.
Still, I pull back from the edge
Decide to wait on fate’s peripeteia
Perhaps, rhings will eventually perk up
If I determine to push forward
Probably not.



Stop, please

I can’t take the drivel coming out of your mouth like sewage spewing from a clogged toilet, my god, the stench of it

Your excuses have piled up and are as much use to me as a raincoat when the storm has passed; in fact, the storm has come and gone and it was you

How’s that song go? Don’t speak! I know what you’re saying so stop explaining because I don’t want to hear your salty spam anymore

Are you still here? I’ve nothing more to do with you. You’re words are rotting garbage left on the side of the road on a hot Florida summer day. Yuck

It’s over

Be silent

You smell like roses that way and I can almost forget the thorns piercing my flesh; by any other name, you’d smell as sweet, so long as you hush

But, as soon as your trap opens, I remember who you are, Montague, thief, rebel, villain, I don’t want you

Have your ears become stopped as well?

I said I don’t want you

So go

Fill someone else’s heart with your rubbish