Word of the Day – Umbrage

I tried to tell you
Don’t take umbrage with the truth
This has been broken

A day late on this one! This was yesterday’s word.


Word of the Day – Multitudinous

Green turns to color
Multitudinous leaves fall
‘Neath Autumn sunsets



Hey, you over there
Alive, ready, and rearing
Come here, talk to me

Oh, do not be shy
I promise, I will not bite
Well, actually

I might if you want
Me, undercover vixen
You, willing new prey

Come see me darling
Submit to me and your lust
Let’s conquer the world


Word of the Day – Rebuff

Your lips rebuff me
But, your eyes speak lust and want
Bodies attracting


Word of the Day – Superjacent

The throes of passion
You, superjacent to me
Me, in love with you


Word of the Day – de rigueur (poem)

This was actually yesterday’s…

de rigueur lifestyle
Missing the intangibles
No inner beauty


Word of the Day – Nary (poem)

Could have said goodbye
You left with nary a word
Ripped my heart in twain

Nothing tangible
Naught to remember you by
No hope or promise

Faded memories
I am forgetting your face
The firm feel of you

Perhaps it’s better that way


Word of the Day – Tergiversation (poem)

Circumventing truth
Tell me how you feel

Equivocal love
Or maybe disinterest
Vague and maddening

You’re far too quiet
I’ve had enough of silence
I must walk away

I will not look back
I wonder if you’ll give chase
Part of me hopes so
But a part of me does not
I’m ready for someone real


Faded (poem)

Faded into black
My essence has gone missing


Word of the Day – Luddite (poem)

Resistant to change
Luddite who refuses light
And the love it brings