You want him to come back

You want him to get down on his knees and beg for forgiveness for his sins against you and God

So you can either dismiss him forever or take him back in your arms

So you can either spit in his face or make passionate love or both

You hate him then you love him

You want him then you want to kill him

He’s two faced and you’re torn

He’s the villian who gets off on tormenting you because you’re just too much fun

You’re the would-be hero trying to hold onto moral fibers that are slowly rend apart by insanity

Is the short-lived fairytale worth your mind?



You broke me like a rare antique vase
Thrown carelessly against a wall
It wasn’t anything I had done
In fact, I gave you all that you could ask for
You told me I wasn’t normal
Your way of saying I was special
Different from the cookie cutter girls you’d known

How you relished my sweetness
Wrung it out of me, hung me out to dry
Like yesterday’s laundry
Like yesterday’s everything
Now I can’t come down
I’m pinned to the clothesline
Sapped by the sun, subject of the wind

I’m an old video game at a rundown arcade
Left behind by the high scorers
Who’ve left their imprint and have no more use for me
I can’t take anymore quarters
My heart is out of order
The beats come slower
Do not resuscitate


By Myself

Alone like a pawn in the middle of a chess board preparing to be sacrificed for a queen I don’t know

Blowing in the wind like a single blade of grass, purposeless, lacking uniquity

Afraid of myself like a black mirror that reflects the dark matter and bile on the inside

Blazing out of control like an oil fire that water was poured on and forgotten about

Watching the world like the wallflower at a party who no one will ask to dance

Look! There I am running away from myself because even I don’t want to be with me

Leaving behind an ethereal mist like a purgatorial ghost with no substance, no task

Wishing to be touched like the strings of a guitar strummed delicately

I’d be pleasing to the ears like a heart-wrenching song played on repeat

Longing to fit someone like a favorite sweater on a cold December day

Alas, I’m still all by myself like whispers lost on the wind going nowhere

Don’t want to be by myself anymore


Word of the Day – Pamphleteer

We didn’t see it coming
The social media monster
Has stripped us of our humanity
We are robots who can’t act without screen instructions
Require a constant charge
Passive aggressive pamphleteers who can no longer hold conversation
We need to be online to download our thoughts
Meanwhile, the sun is setting in the distance in incomparable resplendence
We either look at it through a lens
Or never see it at all
Don’t notice when the stars come out



Can you sense my ache
Do you hear my silent scream
Without you, I am cold
A ghost in a rotting shell
Depraved under a hypnotic spell
Your brand of love suffocates
I need your toxic air
To become someone I don’t recognize
Even if it kills me dead



If only you’d shown me your true self in the beginning
But such isn’t the nature of people like you
A patchwork of the wonder you think you are and actuality
A Frankenstein creation made of infantility, incoherence, and insanity
With no logical mind, you had no logical intent
Your stunted heart and mechanic movement portended the end before it began
I tried to look past the surface and see beneath but there was nothing with saving
I recognized your abomination too late
How could I make love to a monster


Open the Door

Hey, open the door
I want to know you
I want you to know me
I understand the last one put you off love
She took your heart in her hands and squeezed until it shattered
Your blood dripped down her hands and fingers
She licked them clean with no remorse, stole your essence
Left you empty
You want love but are terrified of it
But, I am not her
I see so much wonderful in you and wish to cherish it
I wish to hold you in my arms, lay my head on your chest and listen to your broken heartbeat
Know that we’re both still half alive
Because you see, I’ve been hurt too
Yet, I know that I cannot hold my past against you
Don’t hold yours against me
So, open the door
I want to know you
I want you to know me



This propensity towards isolation will be the death of her

Keeping company with my imagination, dreams, and a bottle of whatever

They are fine friends in the moment but stab her in the back when she’s not looking

She wonder if the universe made a mistake with her, creating this little and broken creature

That has so much to offer the world but chooses to wallow in her thoughts

Hiding, denying everyone and herself, afraid of her own beauty

Scared she might shine too brightly and make something of herself

Or fail and be forever cast in shadow

So, she remains immobile, inert and idiotically watches her own inaction

Watches her body age and return to dust while every opportunity passes her by



I see you across the way, somehow you’re brighter than everyone else around you

I’m immediately taken in by your aura, something about you lights a fire in me

You see me watching you, lock your eyes with mine, hold the gaze

That is the moment, the birth of lust and longing

We both feel it and though we don’t know each other, we know we can’t deny it or ourselves

We must know each other, we must have each other

You make the first move, come within reach, exuding sensuality

Primal instinct takes over

I pull you close, slow, but hard, and inhale your scent

I feel your heat and hardness, can you feel my softness

I’m not falling in love, but I’m falling into you, caught up in this carnal moment

We’ve both forgotten what we were here to do as you wrap your arm around my waist and lead me outside

Where we’re going I don’t know and I don’t care so long as this feeling lasts

Winter has come and with it, snow, the perfect weather for what we’re about to do

Keep me warm

We hail a cab to our destination, but we can’t wait, our hands are probing and exploring

Your lips and tongue taste like fine wine and your skin tastes salty like ocean and white sands

We reach what will be our sacred place and undress within seconds

I’m intrigued by you and the unsatisfied hunger in your eyes

I will satiate it, I promise

You enclose me in your muscular frame, taut and rippling under my fingers

You are firm, but gentle, as you lie me down, ravish every part of me, parts I didn’t know could come alive

For a brief moment we stop, mentally engage, the question of if we go further between us

We kiss softly and slowly with eyes slightly open in wordless agreement

Let’s make this a wild night



What if I told you
That you bored me to tears
You’re the peak of mediocrity
You’re dull, tasteless, flavorless
I kept our hands locked and said nothing

What if I told you
That you weren’t as good as you thought
You told me I was a great kisser
I found yours to be bland and dispassionate
I kept our lips locked and said nothing

What if I told you
That you were nothing to write home about
You never made me shake
I writhed and moaned to stroke your ego
I kept our hips locked and said nothing

What if I told you
That all of this is a smokescreen
Lies I tell myself to make me hate you
That, truthfully, I miss you
I’ll keep my mouth locked and say nothing

It’s better that way, isn’t it?
After all, you aren’t around to hear it