Staircases/Collaboration, Part 3

Friday posts will now be dedicated to the lovely C. Elizabeth Cooper, a renowned photographer and friend. Beth has taken many of a photo of interesting and archaic staircases around the globe, one of which is featured here. I once wrote a poem for one of her staircases in a case of ekphrastic poetry. For more of Beth’s photos, visit her site.


Ascending an old staircase

Each turn a mystery to me

She is an elegant, old dame

Aged, worn, but refined

She knows things

Long forgotten by most

What stories could she tell me

Of the memories etched in her steps?

What history is hidden under the dust

That my hand on her banister

Sends dancing into the window light?

She can recall every slip, trip and bruise

She has scars of her own, too

Onesies, wedding dresses and funeral veils

Tap shoes, winter socks or plain bare feet

First climbs and final ones

She knows the gait of the regulars

And the one-timers who never came again

She knows the deep seated secrets

Left by those who’ve passed through

And when their ghosts come to claim them

Every twist and turn has a past

Of course, she’ll never tell

Her only confidants

The light from the daystar

and the man in the moon


Moon Man/Collaboration, Part 12

Staring out my window pane
Watching the soft fall of the rain
Wondering where you are

Wondering if you’re friend or foe
The only light comes from the city glow
Like a far-off dying ember

There’s a shadow turning a trick
The sound of the clock: tock tick
Soft music the only other break in silence

I sit in the corner alone
Thinking on sins for which I must atone
Peace and hope escape me

Soft rain has turned monsoon
Barely, I see the man in the moon
It’d be something if he would grant wishes

Because I’ve already wished on many a star
Yet far from me you still are
The stars gloat in their bright light until they die

The things I’ve asked for die too
I do not know what else to do
Except watch the moon man watch me

I wonder if he is watching you too
I wonder if you are feeling the way I do
I wish that we could start anew
I wish that wishes came true

Photo by C. Elizabeth Cooper

For more of Beth’s photos, visit her site.


Tunnel/Collaboration, Part 11

shrouded in shadow

I see the light at the end

the way out of these

oppressive walls do I have

the courage to meet the day?

Photo by C. Elizabeth Cooper

For more of Beth’s photos, visit her site.


Serenity/Collaboration, Part 10

God grant me

The serenity

To throw away my individuality

To serve you as I’m told I should

The courage

To be a contortionist

To fit inside my specified box

and the wisdom

to know the difference

between the me who pretends

and the me who is looking for my lost self

I am on my knees

Wondering if I will be granted these wishes

From heaven or from hell

Or neither


For more of Beth’s photos, visit her site.


Drifting/Collaboration, Part 9


Lying flat so that

No one can see me


Maybe Aquaman will save me

Or I’ll be shot in the back of the head

(Poor Fredo!)

In either case,

I’ll be put out of my misery


I know neither of these will happen

Nor do I want them to

I must save myself

When I have the energy…

For now, I’ll lie here


Watching the fog

Making shapes out of clouds

Waiting for the sun to peek out

Photo by C. Elizabeth Cooper

For more of Beth’s photos, visit her site.


Dreamchaser/Collaboration, Part 8

Leaping towards dawn

I am the chaser of dreams

Let the wind take me

Photo by C. Elizabeth Cooper

For more of Beth’s photos, visit her site.


Bird’s eye view/Collaboration, Part 7

Aerial view of

The city I’m agape at

It’s tranquil beauty

I wish to float above it

I wish to know its secrets

Photo by C. Elizabeth Cooper

For more of Beth’s photos, visit her site.


Out at Night/Collaboration, Part 6

riding my bike through
New York night shimmers and glows
people watching to
my blessed heart’s content oh
how the freaks come out at night

Photo by C. Elizabeth Cooper
Photo by C. Elizabeth Cooper

For more of Beth’s photos, visit her http://www.crissibeth.com.



I shared this poem in the comments of mysticity’s post Hued, so I decided I’d share it with everyone. I originally write it for the below photo called Void by New Bern, NC photographer Jon Derby. Couldn’t find the original, so a photo of a photo will have to do.

They walk together side by side
Without judgment
Black and white
Not so long ago
This may have been forbidden
Frowned upon
For all the progress though,
They are both a little green…
She wishes she was like her
Perms her natural hair
To make it straight like hers
She despises her curls
Oh, If only her nose
Was more to the point
Full and pouty lips!
Not a compliment
And these thick hips
An inconvenience
She wishes she was like her
Tans her natural skin
To get close to her collection
She hates her pasty hue
Of, if only her eyes
Were large and hazel
Cute freckled nose!
Not to be esteemed
And these small breasts
Just unattractive
The one an Ashanti queen
The other an Athena goddess
There is always that void
That cannot be bridged
The other always feeling inferior
Both blind to their own beauty


The Winds/Collaboration, Part 5

looking at my lone
reflection and feet in the puddles
in the morning hours
hail cab to next adventure
on the fickle winds of time

Photo by C. Elizabeth Cooper

See more of Beth’s photos at www.crissibeth.com.