From My Playlist, Part 97 – Leonard Cohen

Waiting for the Miracle by Leonard Cohen. Found this song by accident. Sultry and seductive voice this guy has.


Where the Sidewalk Ends

How did I get here
To the place where the sidewalk ends
And life begins
The end of chalk drawings
And childhood games
The end of expectations
The beginning of reality
I’m not ready


From My Playlist, Part 96 – Dennis Lloyd

Nevermind by Dennis Lloyd. Catchy tune. No idea where I heard it, but I like it.


Word of the Day – Umbrage

I tried to tell you
Don’t take umbrage with the truth
This has been broken

A day late on this one! This was yesterday’s word.


From My Playlist, Part 95 – Gotye

Smoke and Mirrors by Gotye. “You’re a fraud and you know it.”


From My Playlist, Part 94 – The Secret Sisters

Tomorrow Will Be Kinder by The Secret Sisters. From the first Hunger Games movie. Admittedly, I didn’t much care for the first movie and didn’t bother watching the rest, but this is a great song to lift your spirits.


Word of the Day – Mordant

Wicked wretch
Caustic creature
Mordant miscreant
Vile villianous vagrant
Inauthentic idiot
Spurious superfluous shit
Puny pompous presumptuous prick
Deceitful disingenuous dastard

You’re blocking my sunlight


Fake Cheese

Free me from this sixth-sense occasion
I’m tired of consulting with ghosts about long dead memories
They are boring conversationalists

I’ll be over here
Retching up my low calorie breakfast
Who will I wear this dress for, anyway

I found a dead, decapitated rat reeking and rotting
Its vacant eyes still staring at the fake cheese in the trap
The same vacant look I got when I discovered our love wasn’t real
You trapped me
I’m a stunned rat

This one came from a dream I had. Not sure if I love it, but figured I’d share anyway.


From My Playlist, Part 93 – Sade

The Moon and the Sky by Sade. The things you want to say to an old lover…


From My Playlist, Part 92 – Pop Evil

A Crime to Remember by Pop Evil. As usual, I can’t remember where I heard it, but I love the lyrics to this song. “For better, for worse, you won’t forget forever.”