From My Playlist, Part 98 – Emancipator

Minor Cause by Emancipator. Heard this one on the Amazon Prime Spa channel. Heard it vaguely through my sleep.


At the Movies

Remember that time
We sat in the back of the theater
Made out like a couple of teenagers
Missed most of the movie
Which was ok because it was terrible
Wasted our money
Which was ok because I felt rich
I’m in that same theater
To see something about a rhapsody
While the music is playing
I’ll be thinking of you
Reaching into the empty space
Where once I held your hand


Word of the Day – Derring-do

From two days ago

Dispense with the suave talk
I don’t want honey-laden words
Your shifty sweetness makes me vomit
Cut the manly man derring-do
I see through the macho facade
That don’t impress me much
Don’t send me flowers and expensive things
I’ve no desire to be blinded by diamonds
They don’t keep me from seeing your fifty shades of fear
Try being you
Who knows
I just might like you
Or not

Does it matter?


Word of the Day – Palmary

Yesterday’s word… I’ve been behind

No abundance of riches
No palmary achievements
No Coca-Cola frame
No pretty face
No astounding past
No aspiring future
No light in my eyes
No spark in my smile
No special qualities
Just oddities and idiosyncrasies
I am only me
I hope that is ok


Word of the Day – Boustrophedon

Left to right
Right to left
Trying to decipher your boustrophedon
Reading between the lines
Still no luck
Stop forcing your directionless existence on me
Man up and say what you mean
I just want to know
If you love me
Or not


Where the Sidewalk Ends

How did I get here
To the place where the sidewalk ends
And life begins
The end of chalk drawings
And childhood games
The end of expectations
The beginning of reality
I’m not ready


Word of the Day – Umbrage

I tried to tell you
Don’t take umbrage with the truth
This has been broken

A day late on this one! This was yesterday’s word.


Word of the Day – Mordant

Wicked wretch
Caustic creature
Mordant miscreant
Vile villianous vagrant
Inauthentic idiot
Spurious superfluous shit
Puny pompous presumptuous prick
Deceitful disingenuous dastard

You’re blocking my sunlight


Fake Cheese

Free me from this sixth-sense occasion
I’m tired of consulting with ghosts about long dead memories
They are boring conversationalists

I’ll be over here
Retching up my low calorie breakfast
Who will I wear this dress for, anyway

I found a dead, decapitated rat reeking and rotting
Its vacant eyes still staring at the fake cheese in the trap
The same vacant look I got when I discovered our love wasn’t real
You trapped me
I’m a stunned rat

This one came from a dream I had. Not sure if I love it, but figured I’d share anyway.


Word of the Day – Gridiron

Intersecting mazes
A gridiron of barriers
Speak my name
Let the wind carry it
So I can find the path
To the end of this dream
The way to you
So I can wake up
And get lost again
Watching you sleep