Walk my black beaches
Cup my plump peaches
Handle me like a delicate flower

At first

Caress my soft skin
Indulge in our sin
Fuck me like there’s no tomorrow

But then

You look at me caught, a red-handed deer
I cradle you close, need you near

Want me, too…



Leaves underfoot

The sound of their final death is comforting to my aching soul

Vibrant colors symbolic of Autumn’s end like a fairy tale love never meant to last

Already I feel Winter’s frost cooling my heart; I’m fading away

I trudge on to no destination
Talking to shadows



Transfixed by your candescent being glowing in sunlight

An ethereal dream I’m trying to grasp wisps of

Dare I approach you, interrupt my lustful reverie?

My body advocates a brazen disregard for protocol

A touch
Just the tip

Your cadence is the final seduction




In the glow of your charismatic grace, I feel prosaic
Lackluster and ordinary
Not so special

You smile at me

Around these other women, I feel homely
Unpretty and plain
Not so lovely

You see me behind them

Damned by my own doubt
Encouraged by your furtive, shy glances

Will I will my lips to move beyond a stoic purse and speak the poetry I’ve already written for you in my heart?

Will I take your hand, lead you to my bed, so that I might know you and you me?

Will I lead you to my glistening depths, let you fill me, so we both know ecstasy?

Or will we let these maybe moments linger on the air between us while we drown in monotony, pretending we don’t see each other?

Meet me in the middle


The Start of Desire

A smile
A knowing look
Lust awakened
Twirl my finger
In a lock of your hair
Guide you to me
Feel your rock hard exterior
Knees weaken
Flesh warms
Put your finger there
Can you feel me?
I’m ready
Our bodies
Flow together like water
A never ending stream
A never ending night


Red Rivulets

Stepping into mud waters taking solace from the feel of sharp rocks piercing flesh

I momentarily forget that my soul bleeds

Red rivulets rise and slowly travel away to dissipate into nothing, pain forgotten

I hold my lustful heart under until it stills, drowning lust and hope



Ephemeral love
Slave to the changing seasons
Bloomed in spring
Manifested as a fiery summer
We sated our desires over and over
Defiled holy places
With naked bodies
You cooled with the falling leaves
My loins crave your warmth
My heart hungers for you
On this lone winter night



The mirror reflects
A stranger
Who is this woman
With the natural hair?
She has eyes like moonbeams
A smile that kills
Her neck is one
That should always be caressed
Those breasts aren’t so perky anymore
They still have some bounce, though
She’s ugly to me…

I wonder if I’m beautiful to her
Her identity escapes me
We can help find each other
Those little girls we used to be


I believe in fairies

I’ve waited all day
To taste you
Kiss me
Under the light of the full moon
I blush warmly in your arms
Despite the breeze
Desire grows
For a moment
I believe in



You color me red
Lust is palpable
Put your fingers in my mouth
I want a taste
You keep me high
I never want to come down
Pump yourself into my veins
I want to feel you in all of me

You color me blue
You won’t look at me
Going through the motions…

While going through motions
You used to smile
Frenzied hate loving
I cry while I cum
Your eyes are vacant

Color me shades
I was going to leave
You’ve my arms pinned
Above my head
When you’re inside me
I forget everything
Press your face against my neck
While we climax together

I’m your ride or die, baby
But, you have to let me in
The way I let you in me
I come up behind you
Pull you in close
While wisps of your hair
Blow in the wind
Wherever it takes you
I’m going, too