You color me red
Lust is palpable
Put your fingers in my mouth
I want a taste
You keep me high
I never want to come down
Pump yourself into my veins
I want to feel you in all of me

You color me blue
You won’t look at me
Going through the motions…

While going through motions
You used to smile
Frenzied hate loving
I cry while I cum
Your eyes are vacant

Color me shades
I was going to leave
You’ve my arms pinned
Above my head
When you’re inside me
I forget everything
Press your face against my neck
While we climax together

I’m your ride or die, baby
But, you have to let me in
The way I let you in me
I come up behind you
Pull you in close
While wisps of your hair
Blow in the wind
Wherever it takes you
I’m going, too

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