Black Hole

A blip on the screen
You came and went
I bared my naked body and my nerves are on fire in the residual wake of you

Baby, I still shake

A gift from Eros and Cupid
Awakened love, desire, and lust
The universe fooled us and both your light and mine were sucked into the supermassive

I am a black hole

I warned you not to get too close
I asked myself not to get too close
The connection was undeniable and all of you disappeared into the depths of me

I feel you inside me, still

You are not present
I cannot see you
In the brief moment that we are one and I poured out my heart, you suddenly chose not to drink

What spark has infiltrated us?

Lost in space is my fate
I wanted you lost with me
You brought your past with you and I cannot fight the ghost in the shells and sheets between us

You always knew

Look in my eyes like you love me
Caress my cheek like you care
Move in and out of me and hold me and bite me like these moments are the future forever

Lie to me

Now out comes the truth
You are found out
Still, our short ectasy is imprinted here to be seen by all that gaze upon its brief and brilliant glory

The stars recollect…
My heart recollects…
Every nerve ending recollects…
And I know your mind, your skin recollects my kiss, my curves, and all that dripped for you

What shape will our constellation be?
What stories will faraway balls of light tell of us?

I tell myself I’ve moved on
I look past us and on to the drinking gourd
The darkness knows the brightest light signals death
Still, it hopes…

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