Yellow is my favorite color
It is the color of the sheets I lie on while I think of you
The color I sleep on
While I dream of you
Of other pleasant times
Of other nightmares
The color on which I lay my head in regret
Or wonder what the universe has planned next
It is the color of the sun’s rays
Penetrating me
Darkening my brown skin
To match the bile within
It is the color I wear to glow
Strangers think me exuberant
Innocent bystanders scammed out of their wits
It distracts from the truth in my eyes
From the yellow cowardice within
I wear it as armor
As a lie for the masses
For who would they be
Without their strong, confident leader
Who would they be if they knew I am weak
Gray patterned and vague inside
Unable to stay
Unwilling to leave
Exuding yellow sunlight
But following the black night
Castor and Pollux see behind the ruse
They know the yellow, mutable muse
The nomad who can’t stay
The two-faced changeling
Who is both beginning and end
Send in us clowns
We’ll make you laugh while we cry
We’ll make you yellow
Even when we’re blue


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