I can see the music in your aura
Flowing through your veins
The passion is brimming over
Without words
I understand you wish to play for me
Play with me
I fall into you
As your symphony begins

Begin measure

The melody starts simple
Your touch is light
Like the soft sounds of a violin
Like a caress of the piano keys
Equally attentive to black and white
And pink
You progress to high notes
Lyrics form in my throat
Low and gutteral

To the other end now
To the low, seldom touched notes
Your form is unmatched
Your eloquence unequaled
Ready for a quick sixteenth
A long fourth
The eighths in between
This consonance will be the end of me
My beautiful Apocalypse
mezzo-piano, mezzo-forte

End of measure

For a moment, you slow
My song pauses
Then, you bring in the orchestra in full force
I become a thorn bird
Singing the most precious, beautiful song
As though I will never sing another
We rise together in crescendo
I come alive and die in your arms
Our final forte

End of measure

It is silent now
Our masterpiece ended
Instruments dim into a quiet harmony
My ears still ring from the sound
My body still trembles from the strum
I emanate vibrant colors
You gaze upon the wonder of your art

da capo al fine?
From the beginning, shall we?

Play me again…
Make me sing…

End of measure


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