Love and Lust

Is this madness real?
Or is it the fire within me
Trying to break out
Looking for any target to engulf?

When our eyes lock
You see me and through me
At a quick, furtive glance from you
My secrets lie down at your feet

So, do you know?

It might be love
It might be lust
Be it neither or both
I must have you

What is in your mind?
What are the musings you blow to the wind
With the smoke from your cigarette
As you consider the sky and stars?
You are depth and substance personified
I am your eager student
On my knees before you
Teach me

What do you taste like?
Let my tongue wander and learn
I will wrap my legs around you
Squeeze you and push you deep
Until I feel the essence of you
In the marrow of my bones
I want to forget where you end and I begin
I am a dripping sponge
On my knees before you
Take me

Let me lay my head in your lap
Give into love as you stroke my hair
Let me lay my head on your chest
Give into lust as you stroke my bare skin

I ache to be in the vicinity of you
Shudder and stutter in your proximity
I’m ready to open any gift you give me
And, in turn, unwrap myself for you.

Maybe today,
I’ll gather the courage to say hello.

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