Lying in Wait

I wish that you could see me now
I hope that a glance would tug at your heartstrings
Summon the memories you’ve suppressed
The me you’ve forgotten
The you that you were with me
These brown eyes would undo you with a stare
Not a penance stare
In fact, not one I could describe with words
But, you and I would know
We know what lies between us

I am a wilted rose
Winter has not come
The seed of life has not ceased
But, I refuse its care
I had learned to know every petal
To laugh in the rain
And under your gaze
I became even more extraordinary
In full bloom for the world to admire
But belonged only to you
I gave you me
Entwined my thorns with your own
We were broken
Yet, we understood
Rather than kill each other
We grew together
I became fearless
You fearful
Now I wait under the glass for a miracle
For you to stop searching for more than magic
I am not enchanted or enchanting
But, I will bloom for no one but you
I wait

Do you remember my spectacular nature?
The lack of normalcy that attracted you?
If only I’d known how normal you were
How very ordinary
I would’ve kept passion and lust at bay
I would’ve kept love in my bones
I would’ve only given you this temple of a body
My only thoughts of you
Would be of your touch in unspoken places
Of the way I opened for you
Of my kiss in other unspoken places
Of the silence after
Of heavy sighs of contentment
Not of sorrowful ones

We were a brief moment in eternity
A reason for this existential existence
The last glimpse of the sunset before the night
Before reality set in
You are my favorite star in the dark
The one that illuminates me
The one to whom I bare my soul
Not to God
Not to the angels
But they receive the peripheral privilege of this gift
I gaze upon the other specks of light in the sky
I compare them to you
For all I know, you could already be dead
And I’m gazing on the last vestiges of your life
Before you burned out
Before you left me
In death and life, you shine brighter than the others
I cannot look away
So focused am I on you romanticized memory
That I probably wouldn’t notice if you came back


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