The Words, Part 2

I long to speak the words
My heart overflows with them
Arteries clog and blood pools
The words catch in my throat
The pressure rises
I hold in all that needs to be said
To spare your feelings
To protect my own
I’m a silent muse
Observing everyone’s false reality
Purported in pictures and fake smiles
No one talks
They lie with their eyes
With the words they type

Should I loosen the rope?
Unravel the knots I’ve tied down my soul with?
Nothing erotic about this asphyxiation
Just a slow death
Watching the truth dissipate
Into something we’re not sure ever existed

I want to tell you about me
But can you handle the truth?
Can you handle all I am?
Or do you prefer me mute?
Do you prefer lost sheep?

It is your loss
My words are music
A classical symphony that at its crescendo
Will take hold of you like a lover
Off my tongue play notes
That stimulate your groin
And simultaneously your mind
I am the purity your ears have been missing
The song of honesty you’ve forgotten

You are not ready for me, though
Or maybe I have devolved
Into a shy, restrained thing
That even I don’t recognize
One no longer capable of speech
I’ll sit over here in the corner
Living life like a reprimand
Listening to the lint on the air
Hearing everything no one is saying


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