The Dress

The dress
The shoes
Do you remember them?
They are the same
As the last time I saw you
I’m maybe a little chunkier
My hair a little shorter
(Isn’t that how it always goes in the movies
To show the passage of time?)
Am I wiser?
I’d like to think so, but don’t we all?
My heart’s a little more healed
Except the piece that belongs to you
Still, I put on this dress
That I haven’t worn since you
That I want to wear for no one but you
In it, I relive the memory
The moment, the kiss
The fleeting feeling of forever
The last of what we had
Now, I want to shed this dress
Kick off these shoes
Shed the remnants of you that cling to this attire
Purge you from my pores
When I put on this pink dress again
Step into these turquoise heels
It won’t be for you
Or anyone else
It will be for me
A lie?
Because I’ll never forget your eyes
When they saw this dress
These shoes
When they last saw me

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