This Is Us

This is us, darling
Whether you accept it or not
This is who we are
Lost in this entropic existence
We stumbled upon one another
In each other, we saw ourselves
The reflection was too much
Too real
Too invasive
You shattered the mirror and ran
Because you’re not ready to see you
In turn, you shattered me
But I cannot see me without you
Our love was for a reason
You hide in your denial
Here I am in plain sight
Within grasp
Waiting for you
To not fear your own reflection
To not fear me

It occurred to me as I wrote this that it could be interpreted a number of ways, as poetry often is. What’s your interpretation? I’m curious and I also want to reconnect with my WP family. I’ve been missing… Not in action. Just missing.


6 thoughts on “This Is Us”

      1. It’s been quite some time, actually. I wish my mind would move past it. But yes, writing does help. *hug* 🤗

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