Sober November – Day 18

Hey folks. Sorry, I’ve been quiet these last few days. Either my heart isn’t in writing or the words just won’t come or both. But, I’m going to work on it this week.


I’ve been slightly more relaxed. I’m learning things about myself. There are activities I no longer enjoy and other things I’d like to do with my life that I need to put into action. That will be a work in progress. It is difficult to embrace the loneliness that comes with realizing you’ve crossed over into another part of your life.

Still no alcohol! I had a non-alcoholic mango daiquiri last night that was amazing.

Diet hasn’t been so great. I’ve been happily eating sugar, lol. But, I’m being semi-conscious and I’m hitting the gym so I’ve stopped gaining weight!

I think I will spend the day cleaning and watching Star Trek. I might try to get in a poem or two. 🙂

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