I want to tell you
How much I miss you
But I know we mustn’t speak

I want to hold you
Wrap my arms around your naked body
Like I used to do
But we’ll never have those moments again

Thoughts of you fill every open cavity of my brain
But I know
That you probably never spare a thought for me
Maybe you can spare some change?
I could use a little
I could use some respite
From thinking of you every waking moment
When you’ve long since forgotten me

6 thoughts on “Change”

  1. Oh I LOVED the twist line “spare some change.”

    I like the subtle self-awareness bleeding in through the cracks left from what left the heart splintered. The need for change, as well as being stuck where you discover that need doubles up on the meaning of not quite being able to move on while needing to. So far as “meta” goes, this is SO meta.

    Also painful, in so many ways. Thank you for sharing!

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