At the Movies

Remember that time
We sat in the back of the theater
Made out like a couple of teenagers
Missed most of the movie
Which was ok because it was terrible
Wasted our money
Which was ok because I felt rich
I’m in that same theater
To see something about a rhapsody
While the music is playing
I’ll be thinking of you
Reaching into the empty space
Where once I held your hand


1 thought on “At the Movies”

  1. You know how it’s said a poem is “haunting”? How about a poem that is “hauntED” instead? Which is exactly what this is. The movie-scene “present-to-past” transition is impeccable, the movement through time as well as through conditions very real (also painful…) and the title that indicates being there, but not as you were… so as a poem about change, this is impeccable. As a poem about loneliness, excellent. As a poem, superb. Overall? High marks.

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