Word of the Day – Sinew

This was yesterday’s. Didn’t get it out in time.

You were my defender
My sinew, my strength
My shield against peril
Dare I call you a knight in shining armor?
No, that’s so cliche
Despite your momentary protection
Nothing about you was shining
Beset with gore and scars of war
I had long since exposed myself to you
Never questioned your allegiance
I didn’t realize you had turned on me
That you’d grown tired of fighting for us
You took your sword to my heart
I am slain
One more casualty of your inner battle

3 thoughts on “Word of the Day – Sinew”

  1. “O, I am slain!” A hit, a hit, a very palpable hit!

    The illustration of how trust can go so very wrong with the image of a medieval battleground, a powerful queen and her dutiful knight and an age-old feeling of betrayal is… poignant, to say the least. But I liked how the betrayal didn’t come because of something other than the knight’s own struggle, his own weariness of the fighting (for “the cause.”) Excellent work, lovely imagery. So metal.

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    1. I didn’t even think of her as a queen, which I suppose means I didn’t think of myself as one. 🤔 See how you always put new ideas on my head?

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