Word of the Day – Gridiron

Intersecting mazes
A gridiron of barriers
Speak my name
Let the wind carry it
So I can find the path
To the end of this dream
The way to you
So I can wake up
And get lost again
Watching you sleep

5 thoughts on “Word of the Day – Gridiron”

  1. Interesting imagery there. The thing about a grid is that every node is connected, every node both peripheral and central (except for the borders… they are partial.) So the gridlocked landscape being a grid of MAZES makes it pretty much impossible to traverse without the adequate means. Each center another maze, each maze a different battle and exhaustion soon sets in.

    So I liked the desperate aura of this: the vast expanse of the maze is creepily agoraphobic, the urgency of the rush (I can see beads of sweat in your hair!) and then the happy ending, the heart-pounding awakening… to serenity, to something much more closed off, much more intimate. Something simple to get lost in.

    Awwww. It’s so sweet!

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