Word of the Day – Connive

I have been conniving against myself
Walking a winding path to my own doom
I take razors to my wrists just to watch myself bleed
Do nothing to stop it then cry at the loss of my essence
I see my own apocalypse in the distance like an emerald city lit ablaze
Yet, I keep skipping towards it
On my feet are ruby red slippers in which I see no beauty or value
Nor do I see my own
I trudge forward, making friends with lions and tigers and bears
Oh my!
I’ve entered the Mirkwood forest and I walk sideways and backwards so I can stay lost
I capitalize on this self-inflicted sabatoge and wallow in my own pain looking for pity
I’m too afraid to believe that I’m worthy of anything else
But, somewhere, someone I cannot see is waiting for me
I could find him and myself if I would get out of my own way
I turn my back on the emerald city
Goodbye yellow brick road

3 thoughts on “Word of the Day – Connive”

  1. Okay, ow? Ow as in – the revelation of Oz being fake, the Emerald City being painted with cyanide-laced Victorian paint and the murk seeped in between the bricks of not the road but the locked room in which you go razor-to-wrist is smothering in its darkness. Although I would normally like that, I don’t like the thought of you being in that place, ’cause I’ve been there.

    But, you conspiring against yourself in your conniving ways (hah) is still not without a measure of hope: because you know the way out of Mirkwood… you are just not following it. So at the end, maybe the yellow brick road isn’t where your path lies. Just maybe.

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    1. Blame the dictionary! It gives me these words that inevitably lead to dark poems. But yes, the end of the poem is meant to imply that I need to get off the yellow brick road. It’s not the correct path for me.

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