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Sober November – Day 1

I’ve set some goals for my emotional and physical health that I started working on today (last night technically). I’d love for my WordPress family to cheer me along!

1. Sober November, Part 1. I mean this in a couple of ways. The first is the most obvious. I intend not to drink for the entire month. This seems easy to some, but I’m not sure it will be for me. I love me some whiskey! I don’t love me whiskey belly. So, while the guys aren’t shaving, I won’t be drinking. Mine is harder, I think.

2. Sober November, Part 2. My depression and anxiety have been getting the better of me again, contributing to the actions spurring goal #1. I nearly had a meltdown in my way home from work. That’s the second one this week. It’s Thursday! I need to relax more and chill out.

3. Lose 51 lbs. Those of you following along know of my weight battles. If you haven’t, here’s the recap. Out of high school, I weighed 185. I was always tormented for being fat, but looking back it was a comfortable weight. In college, I did the college diet of alcohol and ramen and the regimen of walking everywhere (The University of Maryland is built on a hill, so that was fun). Got down to 155. Got out of school. Got a desk job and took a happy combination of antidepressants and birth control pills. Blew up to 285 over the course of a few years. Got really into my health in 2015-2016 and lost 92, putting me at 193. Enter antidepressants again along with antipsychotics. Up 43. If I can meet by 100 pounds lost goal and get to 185, I’ll be happy. Back on the diet and already down 1.7 pounds this morning.

4. Related to that, I need to get back in the gym. I’ve been a lazy, depressed couch potato. Depression affects us in so many ways, doesn’t it?

5. Continue on this road to and through change, so I can be a happier person. Pick better friends, go on more dates, do things I love, and stop spending so much time alone.

Got my back out there? Lovely. I’ll keep you posted.


14 thoughts on “Sober November – Day 1”

  1. I like it! Any goal for your emotional and physical well being is GOOD! Count me in for support!!
    I love hearing this from you and can bee your cheerleader along the way!

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  2. Good luck! I started a yoga class last night as a way to ease back into exercising. I didn’t realize just how stiff and out of shape I became sitting at a desk all day. If summer actually ends and takes all the humidity away, I’ll be walking outside, too. What do you like to do to get yourself moving? Maybe it will inspire me on a similar health journey as you’re doing now.

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    1. I actually like to walk outside when the weather is nice 😊 I’m also planning to go back to the gym. I like doing step classes and weight classes. If I don’t do those, I like to get on the low bikes. Read a book to pass the time. Thanks for the support!

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