Word of the Day – Lycanthropy

I would seek out the witch
That cursed you with lycanthropy
Put you in sheep’s clothing
And set you in my path
As I wove my way through love’s forest
I would ask her for a spell to mend my heart
That bleeds red against the moonlight
That exposed your true form

2 thoughts on “Word of the Day – Lycanthropy”

  1. Okay, first of all, you used lycanthropy. That term conjures up so many wonderful memories.

    Second, the imagery is so deliciously gothic. The moonlit forest, lycanthrope’s true form being exposed… the terrifying beast in all its majesty and malice…

    Beyond that, I ADORED the way it kicked off and that the “lycanthrope” was sent by a “witch” who put him in “sheep’s clothing” – I see what you did there. The way you twisted it into a metaphor is very much like putting a lycanthrope in sheep’s clothing and sending it our way.

    Lovely and delectable as always.

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