Word of the Day – Caterwaul

I looked in a crystal ball today
Asked it if you would come back
It told me yes and I laughed
I can already picture you at my door
Grating my nerves with your whining
Please, quit your caterwauling
You had your chance already
It’s too late to apologize
I thank you for clearing space
For someone deserving of me
Tomorrow, I’ll ask the Fates to alter your destiny
Tell the tarot cards to deal another hand
Put the eight ball in the corner pocket
Look the sage in the eye and say
Fuck you and your crystal ball
Because I don’t need your dark magic mist
Weaving through me, playing tricks
You are not my future

2 thoughts on “Word of the Day – Caterwaul”

  1. “Fuck you and your crystal ball.” May I say: FUCKIN’ SAVAGE.

    I like the way you weaved more than just one fortune-telling method into this. I especially liked you dictating the Tarot cards to deal another hand – since we both know they wouldn’t listen to you (you are not the boss of them, they are the boss of you,) it also speaks more about the desire for things to not turn out the way the eight-ball (LOVED the corner pocket line) says they will be like. So it’s cosmic dictation versus free will, taking control than leave it up to chance. Powerful feeling, powerful poem and the defiance is almost malleable. Y’know, like a sledgehammer to the fucking face.

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