Word of the Day – Shambles

Our love was like a rare infection
I was consumed by it
Lived and breathed it
Didn’t notice that it was slowly killing me
Or rather, I ignored the signs
Denied your malevolence creeping in
Stripping me of nutrients
My appetite was all for you
I gorged on your septic brand of drink
On the outside, my smile was all for you
As my cancer-ridden innards shriveled
With the job done, the genocide complete
You went on your way to conquer another
You left me in shambles
The inside now shows outwardly
I’ve ripped out my own heart
Drag its tiny, wrinkled form behind me
Wipe away tears with bloodstained hands

6 thoughts on “Word of the Day – Shambles”

  1. The visceral tone of this suits the subject matter perfectly, and going from a healthy, smiling, happy, whole human being to a shambling monstrosity is well done. I also loved the image of a shriveled heart dragging behind every foot-shuffling step: very chilling, and awesome imagery there!

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