My heart beat a fine symphony
Then it was beset by catastrophe
Now it sounds a cacophony
Silence, please
I’m creating a masterpiece

6 thoughts on “Masterpiece”

  1. Ohhhhhh the flex! You can crush an apple with that!

    Joking aside though, this is quite a welcome upshift from the mood. The sheer force of will, power and pure self-assurance put into these seemingly-simple lines is palpable. The connotations of this and the frame of self-love come through loud and clear. Very upbeat and made me go “OHHHHHHHHHHH”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol. You see things in my writing that I don’t intend. I did make the effort to not write more poems about being heartbroken or the like, but wasn’t going for self-love here. Interesting that you saw it.


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