Word of the Day – Pamphleteer

We didn’t see it coming
The social media monster
Has stripped us of our humanity
We are robots who can’t act without screen instructions
Require a constant charge
Passive aggressive pamphleteers who can no longer hold conversation
We need to be online to download our thoughts
Meanwhile, the sun is setting in the distance in incomparable resplendence
We either look at it through a lens
Or never see it at all
Don’t notice when the stars come out

3 thoughts on “Word of the Day – Pamphleteer”

  1. “There is something very cyberpunk about this.” Indeed there is. One of the central ideas that typify cyberpunk is the ubiquity of cutting edge technology and the way it not only swallows but reshapes the entire cultural landscape around itself. Of course not even the fathers of the genre could have predicted the way “20 minutes into the future” suddenly became now and we started to spend our days with more and more sophisticated tech devices, all user-friendly, enough to isolate ourselves from the world outside of them. So while the commentary here is nothing new, the idea of us being pamphleteers who have nothing to say or can say nothing is a compelling one. Nice work.

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