I tire of this life
Dear universe, I beg you
Hasten my demise

Free me from this melancholy monotony
This mundane existence

Please, birth me anew
Into something wonderful
A precious being

Make me into someone worth having
Someone worth wanting

6 thoughts on “Untitled”

  1. See, it’s seemingly the loss of control, the loss of will. It’s the opposite, it’s you taking control, it’s you dictating the terms of your existence to the Universe and THAT, means no, this isn’t Untitled, it’s just you who thinks it so. No, this isn’t you not being someone worth having, it’s you not realizing that you are worth it. In terms of perspective goes, it’s very interesting to see it from the outside so this poem works so so SO well 🙂

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    1. You are so sweet. Interesting perspective, also. I love your interpretations. But do you know that it’s untitled because I really and truly couldn’t think of one? What does that mean?

      I was having a rough day… Can you tell?

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      1. I know, but Untitled here also reflects the nature of these kinds of thoughts, being “not quite there.” So conscious or no, Untitled is its title (because contrary to popular belief Untitled CAN be a title that indicates more than a lack of at title…)

        Also, yes, I can tell. Hence why I offer that you are actually doing better than you might realize.

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