By Myself

Alone like a pawn in the middle of a chess board preparing to be sacrificed for a queen I don’t know

Blowing in the wind like a single blade of grass, purposeless, lacking uniquity

Afraid of myself like a black mirror that reflects the dark matter and bile on the inside

Blazing out of control like an oil fire that water was poured on and forgotten about

Watching the world like the wallflower at a party who no one will ask to dance

Look! There I am running away from myself because even I don’t want to be with me

Leaving behind an ethereal mist like a purgatorial ghost with no substance, no task

Wishing to be touched like the strings of a guitar strummed delicately

I’d be pleasing to the ears like a heart-wrenching song played on repeat

Longing to fit someone like a favorite sweater on a cold December day

Alas, I’m still all by myself like whispers lost on the wind going nowhere

Don’t want to be by myself anymore

3 thoughts on “By Myself”

  1. Line after line after line of isolation and the similes are on point, well-aimed. Bullseye every time. And the way it so casually transitions into longing rather than just isolation is wonderful as it adds another layer to the theme. Love it.

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