Poetry, Religion

Word of the Day – Holy Writ

I keep my head down and my mouth shut
It’s the only way I can pretend conformity
I am beaten down and broken
Forced into a box by the interpretations of some
Figuratively stoned by the Holy Writ until I am dead inside
I’ve ceased being a real person capable of intelligent thought
Surrounded by the brainwashed and robotic
Caught in the time loop of eat, sleep, pray
Has anyone looked in my eyes and seen this is not me
Seen that my actions defy my heart
It matters not so long as I keep up the farce
That’s what everyone wants
Free will was given for the purpose of making one “right”decision
To give my life to this hypocritic bureaucracy
I could live forever, maybe
Does anyone care that I might be unhappy in this promised land
Damn the audacity of it all


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