I see you across the way, somehow you’re brighter than everyone else around you

I’m immediately taken in by your aura, something about you lights a fire in me

You see me watching you, lock your eyes with mine, hold the gaze

That is the moment, the birth of lust and longing

We both feel it and though we don’t know each other, we know we can’t deny it or ourselves

We must know each other, we must have each other

You make the first move, come within reach, exuding sensuality

Primal instinct takes over

I pull you close, slow, but hard, and inhale your scent

I feel your heat and hardness, can you feel my softness

I’m not falling in love, but I’m falling into you, caught up in this carnal moment

We’ve both forgotten what we were here to do as you wrap your arm around my waist and lead me outside

Where we’re going I don’t know and I don’t care so long as this feeling lasts

Winter has come and with it, snow, the perfect weather for what we’re about to do

Keep me warm

We hail a cab to our destination, but we can’t wait, our hands are probing and exploring

Your lips and tongue taste like fine wine and your skin tastes salty like ocean and white sands

We reach what will be our sacred place and undress within seconds

I’m intrigued by you and the unsatisfied hunger in your eyes

I will satiate it, I promise

You enclose me in your muscular frame, taut and rippling under my fingers

You are firm, but gentle, as you lie me down, ravish every part of me, parts I didn’t know could come alive

For a brief moment we stop, mentally engage, the question of if we go further between us

We kiss softly and slowly with eyes slightly open in wordless agreement

Let’s make this a wild night


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