Word of the Day – Indoctrinate

It’s my own fault, you know
I wanted you too much
Trusted you too quickly
I was taken in by your charm
Indoctrinated by your lies
Caught in the web of your surreptitious ways
But, you weren’t such a sneaky spider
The plots of your mind were visible in your face
I saw the truth between the lines and I ignored it
Me and my half-healed heart craved you
The attention and conversation
Other sultry, unspoken things…
You laid waste to what was left of me
Left me barren because I allowed it
Blatant in my desperation and need
I let you snake your way in
Now you’re gone
Left as quickly as you came
But the venom from your bite still courses through


6 thoughts on “Word of the Day – Indoctrinate”

  1. The parallel between indoctrination and soul-poison is very well put, as well as the all-too-familiar theme of having the option to walk away but not being able to bring yourself to. A lot of connotations with this – but the clearest one is that of a cult mentality, more or less; and since it’s a relationship, it is a relationship cult.

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