Word of the Day – Mawkish

I keep coming to the bar to heal loneliness when it makes me feel lonely

People always want to talk to you about things that don’t matter

Accost you with their small talk and you’re forced to falsify a smile lest you offend

I’m mawkish from my mood or from the margaritas or both

The tacos taste like ash and the alcohol makes my head ache but I keep drinking

The music is festive, but I can’t salsa, I can’t dance

I think I’ll walk home now, I’ll pretend I’m holding your hand


2 thoughts on “Word of the Day – Mawkish”

  1. Faking emotions is actually pretty, PRETTY easy – all you need is a bit of observation and imitation. It is a good mask too, until you start to buy it a bit too much with the aid of intoxicants and then the full weight of the truth just breaks your shoulder blades. This was a strikingly accurate description of such evenings.

    Oh and I LOVVVEDDDD the way it started with berating others only to turn around and berate yourself. Because that is EXACTLY how it goes.

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