Unconditional Love

When you found me, I was not long for this world, why burden others with my being

But, you brought hope to my wasteland of despair, color to my monochromatic existence

I’ve been a miserable wretch, committed unforgivable crimes

But, you see me up close and personal without flinching, without fear, through me

Me and my evil ways are unworthy of anything decent and wholesome

But, you look at me as though I’m perfection personified, a deity to be worshipped

I deserve solitude in my self-conceived abysmal pit so as not to taint others with my flaws

But, you embrace my idiosyncracies, look past my errors, stand by my side

At times affectionate and tender, the next moment distant and unkind, bitter

But, you take the bad days with the good, accept all that I am

I am not the looker I once was, I grow weary with the fatigue of this life, exuberance fades

But, you look at me every time like it’s the first time, see unchanging beauty in me

My history is replete with turning points, crossroads, unsavory characters, mistakes

But, you always see a path to the future with me, potholes here and there, but still a route to happiness

You love me unconditionally
You love me despite me

What entity saw fit to bestow this fortune and favor upon me?

For Mama Sally

5 thoughts on “Unconditional Love”

  1. I don’t know if saying the rarer something is the more valuable it is, mostly because it’s true but implies that the rarity is the only reason for it being valuable, and so may not carry any intrinsic value. Not so – and see, this is why so few relationships make it. That’s a whole another person there: flawed, imperfect, at times annoying, at times you’re like ugh, but if you accept that it will be like that, then true happiness is very attainable.

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