Word of the Day – Linchpin (poem)

We came together like something you only see in fiction or fairy tales

When you first held my hand, I felt lust and ecstacy surge through me

You put your arm around me to steal that first kiss and the electricity told me you were the one

We were inseparable, molded together perfectly both emotionally and physically

You were my rock, my linchpin, the sinew and tendons that kept me together

It was brief, but beautiful

Then something changed and you talked yourself out of loving me and praised yourself for your ingenuity

You thought you were the mature one but you were really the coward looking for any excuse to leave

You shunned promise and possibility because you were looking for a sign from God or the stars

This isn’t fiction, this is reality, but you don’t know how to follow your heart and fall in love like a real man

So, you’ll keep searching for the one but remain alone forever because you’re too dumb or too stubborn to see what’s in front of you

Too caught up in your perceived, personal complications to see your own common simplicity

4 thoughts on “Word of the Day – Linchpin (poem)”

  1. First thing upon seeing the title: “A linchpin holds within the means to an end / can’t you see that we are one?” (Fear Factory: “Linchpin” off of DIGIMORTAL.) I was pleasantly surprised to see that it is rather like that here (and the whole thing runs parallel with my interpretation of the lyrics somewhat.) I also liked how the linchpin is used as a singular image not just to describe how it comes together, but also how it comes apart.

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    1. I love your feedback. You read poetry the way it’s intended – with all of your mind. You get the most out of it that way. I’m guilty of not doing this sometimes, but I intend to rectify that. You inspire me 😊

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      1. Since I hold inspiration (Being inspiring) to be one of the highest compliments there is, I am lamenting even harder that there is no blush emoji on this thing. n_n It also helps, though, very much, that the work is excellent – and yours certainly is.

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