Wrote this one for Spiral Artist. The prompt was “misanthrope.” Also, one of my first blog posts was on this topic. It’s here: The Introvert’s Condundrum

Away with you, I’ve not the energy for your ceaseless prattling on or your insipid small talk

At this moment, I find your presence exhausting and your vapid cacophony grating

It’s not you, it’s me, just one of those days where I’m disinterested in every aspect of you

I’m not pessimistic or cynical, how dare you accuse me of such attitudes

Misanthropic, antisocial, indifferent, no, just want to be alone, what’s wrong with that

No you didn’t do anything wrong, stop whining, I said this wasn’t about you

Of course I still love you, don’t mistake my personality for something unsavory

Your discomfort is not my problem, don’t make it so, enough with the guilt trip

Do you know what silence sounds like, here, let’s try it together…

You don’t like it, well too bad, it was the best part of my day, peaceful

It’s for my own sanity and well being, I said stop making this about you

Sigh, you don’t get it do you and you’re not going to let me be because you refuse to understand

Alright, I’ll listen and respond and care despite the considerable effort it requires

Look how happy you are now, unaware of the lethargy overtaking me

Oh are we done now, ok, you didn’t ask how I was, but wait, oh you have to go

That’s alright, I had nothing important to say, no news, it’s ok, I’m fine, really

Oh, and you too, well, I don’t really have the bandwidth, oh ok, go on

And here is another and another until I’m sucked dry like a milkless teat

Alone now, tired, burdened with the stresses of everyone else’s lives

Contemplating the introvert’s conundrum, to love and like without always being fully present

Home now, crawling under a blanket, I don’t want to hear or speak or think

Quiet now, sleep now, I must prepare to care tomorrow, I must prepare to be

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