How do I solve a problem like you and I?
How do I get water from the moon?
It might be impossible, I know.
I see it’s in my best interest to keep you at bay
But, you got under my skin
Like blood flowing through my veins
You make me feel alive
Yet, you make me feel alone…

How do I move on from you?
How do I turn water into wine?
It would be a miracle, I understand
I wish you could’ve stepped outside of yourself
But, you were too in your mind
To see how good we were together
Ignored the feelings in your heart
You decided this could be nothing

How do I let go of you?
How do I walk on water?
I don’t
I drown in you
I suffocate on your memory
My lungs burst at the sound of your voice
I die with your face above me
I realize you won’t save me

Should I have seen my death when first we met?
Perhaps, but I was blinded by your charm
My red heels, your purple shirt
The flowers in my hair and in your drink
If either of us had known then
That you could be neither friend nor partner
If we had known then
How deeply I would fall for you

We would’ve said goodbye that day
Shaken hands instead of kissing passionately
Called it an early night
Instead of giddily gallivanting about
Then I wouldn’t be here
Watching you fail me
I wouldn’t be in this watery grave
Gasping for air


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