Word of the Day – Tergiversation (poem)

Circumventing truth
Tell me how you feel

Equivocal love
Or maybe disinterest
Vague and maddening

You’re far too quiet
I’ve had enough of silence
I must walk away

I will not look back
I wonder if you’ll give chase
Part of me hopes so
But a part of me does not
I’m ready for someone real

4 thoughts on “Word of the Day – Tergiversation (poem)”

  1. First thought was: what the HELL is TERGIVERSATION? Then, I read the poem, read the definition again, read the poem and yes, people love trying to speak around what they want to say. Fake concern for “your feelings” when it’s just to avoid feeling guilty.

    (Well, maybe I shouldn’tve started the day with an album titled THE MISANTHROPE.)

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    1. First thought was: exactly the same. Second thought was: how the hell am I going to use this in a poem. For some reason, I felt like the only way to make it flow well was to use a haiku. Haha, misanthrope is a good word! I might have to try to use it in something.

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