Word of the Day – Quip (poem)

Your half-hearted affections belie you
Your dispassionate kisses give you away
Just tell me you don’t love me

Your quips and excuses irk me
Your lazy small talk jars my nerves
Just tell me your heart is no longer here

If you would only man up
We could be done with this charade
Just tell me the truth

But you tell me you are with me
Somehow I don’t believe you
Or maybe I don’t want to

Because if I did, I’d have to admit
This lurking epiphany
The thought on the edge of my mind

That it’s me who is disinterested
That it’s me who is detached
That my heart has wandered

That it’s me pushing you away
That it’s me who wants to walk away
That I no longer love you

I’m a coward, though
It’s easier to blame you
So, I won’t wallow in guilt

I’m sorry
But, I’m not

3 thoughts on “Word of the Day – Quip (poem)”

  1. Well, it does take a moment of true revelation to realize you were projecting your own state onto others, and the impact of that epiphany is always the same: heavy, sharp. I also like the way this outlines the plight of someone caught in between admitting to the epiphany or making it easier on themselves – very, very well portrayed. Excellent!

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