Word of the Day – By and Large (poem)

You are the scent of a meadow just come into Spring bloom, surrounding me with whites, pinks, and bright blues that form a picture of beauty and growth, glorious but humble and silent, you quench every thirst and longing in me like a cold stream, it’s babble is music to my ears

By and large

Except when you are acrid and arid like the oppressive heat of a mid-Summer day at noon, drenched in sweat, foul, pungent, reeking like rubbish left on the side of the road for flies to make homes, stale and immovable like thick, humid air, I’m green from the stench


You are Autumn leaves, reds, oranges, and yellows bringing warmth and passion into my being, to be with you is to revel in the magnificence of change, to have the sun on my face while dancing in a cool breeze, to be filled with cider, cinnamon, and spice, content


Except when you are brown and black like the dead foliage that has fallen to the ground, the hackle that comes forth in your wickedness like the sound of crumbling leaves being crushed underfoot, the promise of Winter coming, of fire and ice, of death, colorless

I love you when you are in season, when your aroma is delightfully fragrant and heady, when you color me bright and bonny
Except when I don’t
Except when you color me blue

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