Word of the Day – Occident

You’re two-faced and lost

Black and White with the Gray overcast of a self-tortured, uncomplicated soul

Occident and Orient, never know which way you’re coming or going but always on the directionless move

Stand still for a second, bring the two opposing halves of yourself together and get to know your ass from your elbow

Stop for a minute, quit rending yourself in two with idiocy and immaturity, renting your life to the Devil

Listen for a moment, the sound of yourself torn asunder is grating, but the sound of you smooth and whole, oh, how beautiful that could be

Pick up the pieces of yourself that have shattered against walls, hardheadedness and hardheartedness

Put yourself together into a cohesive work of art, motionless for a time, emotionally stable, ready to move when the path shows itself

Then you can walk with the whole of yourself in deity-like glory down the yellow brick road with Autumn leaves falling around you landing to bask in your golden aura

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