Word of the Day – Gloaming

Your hand on the small of my back as we walk down white sand beaches has me aquiver

My insides are ablaze with longing

I desire to run my fingers through your hair feel every taut muscle under bronzed skin

I’ve succumbed to your spell; I’m poisoned by you, but I want no antidote and if I must die it would be bliss to be taken by you

I am yours; how do you want me?

You look into my eyes and I see in yours the ferocity I feel

Take my hand, take me now, take my here under the palm trees with the sun glistening on the sand to the music of the waves crashing in the background with our toes just barely in the surf

We make love furiously with all the passion either of us can muster living vicariously through each other

Exploring, roaming, touching, tasting until the gloaming is upon us and we simultaneously burst from within, I’m shaking from the synergy and synchrony

Then, spent, we lie entwined watching the stars come out

I’m comforted beginning in your arms listening to the slow breathing of your slumber knowing you’ll be here when I wake

I could wonder why everyday isn’t this perfect

Instead I bask, revel in the glory of the moment


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