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Awake, Part 21/Sandman

I dreamed I was robbed along with a group of people. Everyone was very casual about it. I had the most go lose as I had two large checks in my wallet. In the dream, it’s acknowledged that I never do such things. No one cares. I can’t get through to the police. I can’t get through to the bank. My friends and family think it’s funny and my own fault. Even the robber follows me laughing. Dear subconscious, what was your endgame with this one? I finally managed to wake myself up. Now, I’m anxious and agitated.


Mr. Sandman, I beg you
Stop bringing me dreams
They tear my mind asunder
Rip my heart out at the seams

Please, Mr. Sandman
Don’t sing me a song
Your lyrics grate on my ears
Keep me awake all night long

Mr. Sandman, I implore you
Turn off that magic beam
The light blinds and binds me
With wicked thoughts I teem

I wish you’d go Sandman,
But if you must stay
Let me dream of the dark of night
Then, maybe, I won’t wish you away

Mr. Sandman, dearest
It’s not you; it’s me
Until my addled mind settles
I ask you, love, to just let me be

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